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--INDev Stage ModPack Server--

We are making a modpack server, which is under development now. The things necessary are: make the server, setup the server  (Admin Commands, Permissions and gameplay features).

This is the second day of this project, so we might have the modpack ready as soon as possible, but for now, Server stability is a priority. Why?  Well, because we want to deliver the best multiplayer experience to all players.

 The rules will be soon available too, but really soon. This server is whitelisted, so not all players can join to server. But if you are a Member, you can join us. All you need to do is talk with any Member of Vanguard Administration and we will help you in!  

So, for now just stand by while we do the modpack.

The Modpack files will be available to download here on our forum and also on FTB Launcher.

PS: Project has been delayed, because there are more important projects, this project is delay until further notice, sorry.  

I hope you understand,

ItsWolfPT | Director of Vanguard Community 


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