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Found 3 results

  1. Warframe tools

    Hi, I made some tools just to stop using the calculator ... a tool that gives an average price for x platinum and other that shows how many parts and platinum are needed for x ducats (this one is not very precise its just an average) the tools are .exe programs made in C so you might need to execute as adminstrator . I hope it is usefull for you ps : its all in portuguese but i'll add an english version to it later ducats2pecas.exe plat2euro.exe
  2. warframe Operation : Hema

    UPDATE Fellow Tennos, we did it, Hema research is on its way to completion. At 6:10 AM Lisbon Timezone, ItsJangoPT and I (CyberWolfPT Aka ItsWolfPT) donated the remaining Mutagen Samples for start researching. Now what? Well, now we need to wait more 3 days (72 Hours) for the research gets completed and then we going to make Shadow Barrack for expand our clan capacity. Thanks to everyone who helped on this mission and also to the ones who donated, we spent 2 days, collecting 2000 Mutagen Samples. It was a hard task, but we did it. ItsWolfPT | Vanguard Administration
  3. Vanguard Tennos

    -This Project is coming soon- We are glad to present our warframe clan : Vanguard Tennos. We going to do a lot of stuff, like 1v1 Tournaments, Eidolon Hunts (Konzu Bounties, and Quils Hunts),Cephalon Simaris onslaught event, sorties and much more But for now, hold down your horses, because we are making the last research on Infested Lab. 3000 Mutagen Samples left so yha... We Soon going to open the clan for you all. Until then wait please. Thanks. ItsWolfPT