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  • Forum Rules

    Necro Posting
    Do not post on old threads unless there is a valid reason behind it.

    Do NOT spam the forums with posts, private messages, or status updates.

    Inappropriate Content
    Do Not post inappropriate content, such as NSFW, 18+, vulgar content, violent images, pornography or anything of that sort.

    Abusing Reputation System
    Asking for "reputation" is not allowed. You may not start forum games with objective to obtain reputation.

    Personal Information
    Do NOT share another individual's personal information on the forums.

    English and Portuguese are allowed on these forums, although we highly encourage our users to use the English language.

    Posting content in inappropriate areas is not allowed. For example, posting a minecraft thread under the Counter-Strike sub-forum.

    Advertising other communities or anything for self gain/profit or recruiting players is not allowed. If you have any questions, contact

    Toxic Behaviour
    Do not be a massive troll, use racism, sexism or generally causing trouble with other members.

    The rules above apply to the shoutbox as well.