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  1. warframe Operation : Hema

    UPDATE Fellow Tennos, we did it, Hema research is on its way to completion. At 6:10 AM Lisbon Timezone, ItsJangoPT and I (CyberWolfPT Aka ItsWolfPT) donated the remaining Mutagen Samples for start researching. Now what? Well, now we need to wait more 3 days (72 Hours) for the research gets completed and then we going to make Shadow Barrack for expand our clan capacity. Thanks to everyone who helped on this mission and also to the ones who donated, we spent 2 days, collecting 2000 Mutagen Samples. It was a hard task, but we did it. ItsWolfPT | Vanguard Administration
  2. minecraft Minecraft Hub Server

    Upcoming Minecraft Server Annoucement Our recent work on a minecraft server is incoming. This server will feature a Lobby and a Vanilla Survival (If you see any reference to Skyblock, It mean that the server is under development). The server, for now, is only capable to host 40 players. It has whitelist, which means that you must register here on our forums, and make a post on Minecraft section with your minecraft username and we will add you to the whitelist as soon as possible. We have a Donator and VIP System and also we have a community goal but for now doesn't matter, but if you want to help us, just donate, it will help us to grow as a community and also give you better servers. We are looking for Admins, but you must introduce yourself to the Administration, but don't worry with that now, because the Admin Application are disable and in work progress. The release date for now is unknown but we will try to open it as fast as possible. Well, we hope that this server successes, because we are putting a lot of effort for bring a great multiplayer experience for you, players. For now, best regards, ItsWolfPT | Vanguard Administration
  3. Minecraft Modded Project

    --INDev Stage ModPack Server-- We are making a modpack server, which is under development now. The things necessary are: make the server, setup the server (Admin Commands, Permissions and gameplay features). This is the second day of this project, so we might have the modpack ready as soon as possible, but for now, Server stability is a priority. Why? Well, because we want to deliver the best multiplayer experience to all players. The rules will be soon available too, but really soon. This server is whitelisted, so not all players can join to server. But if you are a Member, you can join us. All you need to do is talk with any Member of Vanguard Administration and we will help you in! So, for now just stand by while we do the modpack. The Modpack files will be available to download here on our forum and also on FTB Launcher. PS: Project has been delayed, because there are more important projects, this project is delay until further notice, sorry. I hope you understand, ItsWolfPT | Director of Vanguard Community
  4. Vanguard Tennos

    -This Project is coming soon- We are glad to present our warframe clan : Vanguard Tennos. We going to do a lot of stuff, like 1v1 Tournaments, Eidolon Hunts (Konzu Bounties, and Quils Hunts),Cephalon Simaris onslaught event, sorties and much more But for now, hold down your horses, because we are making the last research on Infested Lab. 3000 Mutagen Samples left so yha... We Soon going to open the clan for you all. Until then wait please. Thanks. ItsWolfPT
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